Are you moving abroad to pursue your MBBS degree? One thing that we definitely approve of is that you will have an incredible experience. But, you cannot expect it to be very easy.
You will be required to put in lots of effort which includes setting up an international student bank account in the country you will study for your medical degree. It might seem unnecessary at this time but the reasons why you should open a bank account abroad may surprise you.
You won’t have to worry about cash conversions. Any country charges bank and conversion fees when you are using an account from home. That’s why having a bank account abroad will allow you to smoothly transfer larger amounts within the local currency.
The bank account abroad will help the student with easier loan repayment. We are completely sure that you don’t want to use your home account for living expenses so having a bank account in the currency of your student loan can be a huge saving.
In almost every country, opening a local bank account is completely doable and it will be completely easy as you want it to be.
As a student getting your finances organised is very important, our team can help you sort this out! Banking is a great way to keep a check on your day-to-day finances and budget your stay abroad.
If you are a student in one of our colleges and wish to know more about opening a bank account in the country please contact your counselor!