Bridgetown International University, School of Medicine (BIU) is a well-recognized and one of the fastest-growing private medical universities situated in Bridgetown, which is home to a UNESCO World Heritage Site and the capital city of Barbados, a Caribbean English-speaking island country in North America.

The University was established in 2016 with a mission to provide quality and affordable medical education to aspiring doctors, add more physicians to the healthcare ecosystem of the world, and contribute to the betterment of health for all.

  • Nations Fastest Growing University
  • 98% - Faculties are Doctors
  • Best in Boarding and Lodging


Barbados is a beautiful island country situated in North America. Currently, about 3,00,000 people call Barbados their home and about a million people visit the island each year to enjoy nature, relax on white sand beaches and spend time in a peaceful yet vibrant environment and curate new life experiences that can be adventured only in Barbados.

  • Most Beautiful Beaches in the World
  • Barbados Has a Pink Sand Beach
  • Best in Boarding and Lodging


The faculty of BIU University are distinguished scholars and renowned for shaping and dening the medical eld of study. The faculty is also infused with a profound commitment that their work as educators will have a dramatic impact in defending the fundamental values and the style of intellectual life that defines the University. They passionately believe that liberal education is a momentous calling and an ever-challenging responsibility, A project which involves the highest standards of excellence by going deep into the ones of the University.

  • Distinguished Scholars
  • Renowned Faculty
  • Work Committed
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